The Internet is a collection of million of computers around the world that are all connected to one another. It is global network of computers. These computers are connected through different telecommunication links, Fiber optic lines, Satellites and wireless connection.
The Internet is used to find information stored on the computers called host or servers that are part of the Internet. More than one-half billion users in the world use the Internet for different purposes.
The Internet began in 1969, as an experimental four Computer network called ARPA net (Advance research project agencies network) which was designed by the U.S Defense Department so that research scientists could communicate. In approximately two years, ARPA net grew to about two dozen sites and by 1981, consisted of more than two hundred sites, In 1990, ARPA net was officially renamed and the network, which consisted of hundred of sites, came to be known as Internet After a while, commercial organization began to recognize the use of such a network, which converted the whole world into a “Global Village” and allowed almost instant access to business or commerce data and a host of other service such as e-mail and e-commerce.

· To access information, news, research, and educational material.
· To conduct business.
· To access sources of entertainment such as on-line games, magazines etc.
· To shop for goods and services.
· To meet and talk with people around the world in discussion groups or chat room.
· To access other computer and exchange files.
· To send messages and receive messages from other connected users.
No Government and organization is the owner of Internet many people, organization, universities and research agencies participate to run the Internet.

1: Information Search
Internet contains information on all types of topics. People can search information on any topic. Search engines are used to search information on Internet.
2: Email
Email is an inexpensive and fast ways of communication. It is used to send messages, pictures and files from one part of the world to another part.
3: Online Shopping
People can buy and sell goods on Internet and payment can be made using credit card number etc.
4: News
Most newspapers have their websites. Latest news and interview are provided on these websites.
5: Entertainment
Internet provides a lot of entertainment to the people. The user can play online games, listen songs, watch movies and live match etc.
6: Encyclopedia Publisher
Online encyclopedias are available. You can find detailed information on any topic in the world.
7: Fast Communication
Internet is a way of fast communication. People can communicate with one another in less time from any part of the world.
1: Hacking
Hacking is one of the most important disadvantages of Internet. The
Hackers access the data stored on the computers across the Internet.
They can use this data illegally or even destroy it.
2: Immorality
Internet contains a large number of immoral websites. These websites
Contains such material that is against the moral values of our society.
These websites are damaging character of young people.
3: Security Problems
Internet has created many security problems. Important data can be hacked on The Internet. Hackers also damage different websites and delete their contents. They also retrieve critical data of different organization and governments.
4: Virus
Internet if the most important source of spreading computer Viruses. People spread Viruses using Internet and emails. Many websites also contain different viruses that are copied to the computers when the users download data from these websites.
5: Wastage Of Time
Many people use Internet without any positive purpose. The young
People waste their time in chatting. It effects their performance and
makes them inefficient.


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